Six useful lifehacks for the home for Perspektive I illustrated six handy life hacks for house and home: vinegar dissolves grease stains, a spaghetti is useful for lighting candles, apples speed up the ripening of other fruits and vegetables, smart phones charge quicker when put into flight mode...

Review of Albert Camus' Travel Journals to New York City (1946) and Brazil (1949), when he was very ill with tuberculosis. For the New York Review of Books

Cities Cover for the Brazilian literature magazine Quatro Cinco Um about cities.

Emerson, Thoreau, James and grief …in their early twenties and how it transformed the thinking of these influential American thinkers and philosophers. For the New York Review of Books.

Holiday and Literature Cover illustration for the New York Review of Books special Holiday issue.

Franz Kafka and his diaries. Review of Kafkas' diaries translated and published for the first time in the US for the New York Review of Books.

Family Guide: Berlin und München mit Kind Cover art and spot illustrations for the family guide "Berlin mit Kind 2023" and "München mit Kind 2024" (tips on what to do with a child in Berlin or Munich) for Himbeer Verlag.

Norland Nannies Cover art and illustrations for the FT Weekend Magazine about the Norland Nannies, their training and about their future jobs, duties and lives.

Messies and which problem lies behind it The article discusses the so-called Messy-Syndrome and what is at its core, how to help those people with trauma therapy and how to approach them in a sensitive way.

Adorno, Scholem and Benjamin For the New York Review of Books I created this triple-portrait of Theodor W. Adorno, Gershom Scholem and Walter Benjamin. It's for a review of the correspondence between Adorno in New York and Gershom Scholem in Jerusalem about Walter Benjamin's work. Article in the New York Review of Books

A Journey in 1943 During World War II in 1943, two Jewish Soviet artists, an actor and a writer, travelled from Moscow to the United States, Mexico, Canada and Great Britian to tell the world of the Holocaust. The article about this incredible "journey of hope" was published in the magazine of the Leibniz Gemeinschaft. Article in Leibniz Magazin

Heimito von Doderer For the New York Review of Books I made a portrait of the Austrian writer Heimito von Doderer, whose book "The Strudlhof Steps, or, Melzer and the Depth of the Years" was translated and published for the first time in English more than 70 years after it's first publication in German in 1951.

Two Refugees from Eritrea living in Switzerland For the non-profit street magazine Surprise from Switzerland, I illustrated an article about the situations of the refugees from Eritrea.

Unusual Relationships in Film For Beneficial Shock, Issue No 3, I illustrated an article about unusual relationships of men. It's a great read by Neil Fox.

Google Doodle: optician and chemist Marga Faulstich Celebrating German optician and chemist Marga Faulstich's 103rd birthday, I was asked to make this Google Doodle. Google Doodle

March For Jobs For FT Weekend Magazine I illustrated an article on a second March for Jobs 2019 from Liverpool to London.

Spot illustrations on various themes … for a health insurance magazine called Perspektive.

What happens to you when you work at night For the Financial Times Magazine Sleep Special I illustrated a piece on working at night.

Women's Football Illustrations about sexism and misogeny in women's football for the FT Weekend Magazine.

On Hearing Illustration for Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly about a personal experience on hearing loss.

Windy heads For the German monthly magazine Das Magazin, some heads for the November issue.

New York Times Science Two illustrations for the New York Times Science section: improving the eye vision of the elderly and the relation of sex and happiness.

Women & Power Three illustrations for The New York Times Sunday Book Review's special issue "Women & Power".
I illustrated three book reviews: about the novel "How To Build A Girl", about "The Birth Of The Pill" and about "Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights".
And two alternative sketches for the "Pill" book – sleeping on the roof and cutting lemons.

Drawbridge No 16 For Drawbridge, a magazine from London, I made this drawing for the "Money" issue in 2009.

Slowing down Illustration for The New York Times Sunday Week in Review about less productivity and economical growth and more time, passion and jobs for everyone.

Illustration for The New Yorker This is an illustration for The New Yorker about the NYC premiere of the opera 'Séance On A Wet Afternoon'.

Cake And Coffee This is an illustration for The New Yorker for the culture desk about breakfast menus.

Weather and Climate Change Illustration for the New York Times Op-Ed page about the difference between weather extremes and climate change. Selected for the Notable Opinion Art of 2010.

Knitting These two illustrations are about knitting as a temporary hobby in difficult times, for Crafts Magazine.

Bubbles This is an illustration for a poem published in the literary journal Belletristik.

Collecting These are two pieces I did for Crafts Magazine about collecting, being obsessed by objects and the benefit for the public when collectors donate their collections to museums.

Economics Illustrations about the economic situations in four different states after the financial crisis in 2008 for The New York Times Op-Ed Page.

Voting Behaviour This article discusses the connection between voting behaviour, social classes and the economic climate. Illustration for the New York Times Magazine

Reader to Reader Series Four illustrations for the weekly 'Reader to Reader' letters in The Guardian's Family Forum: how to live with children and teenagers of different age under one roof, how to get your kids to bed earlier,...

Mixed-sex wards The article describes the awkward situation in mixed-sex wards for old people. Illustration for The Guardian Newspaper

Valentine's Day Tradition Illustration for The Guardian G2 Page.
This article discusses the old fashioned tradition of asking the father of the bride before proposing to the bride-to-be.