Poster and Portraits for SescJazz Festival in Sao Paulo For the Jazz Festival "SescJazz 2018" in Sao Paulo at Sesc Pompeia I made drawings for the poster and the musicians for the booklet in collaboration with Brazilian graphic designer Elaine Ramos. The posters and booklets were printed in black and two spot colours.

Hallo 2020! Poster with ink drawings (from long train rides) for the new year 2020.

Mass Migration Poster "Mass Migration" for Living Future! conference "Shared Societies" in Tel Aviv in November 2015.

Booklet illustrations for LP of our band Mazookas For our band Mazookas first record I illustrated a couple of songs.
Mazookas Sonntags-Picknick, 12 inch record, 2018, 24 pages booklet, offset, full colour, 31 x 31,5 cm
The record comes with an A1 poster and more illustrations by Henning Wagenbreth.

Gloria: a musical performance with animation Gloria is a theatrical project by hirche/ krumbein productions and the POMPFÜNEBRER.
Pompfünebre describes a very musical, theatrical and glorious funeral.
I made the paper cut animation, which was projected on the singer's/actor's skirt.
Text, idea and costume by Kathrin Krumbein.
The performance premiered at Schaubude Berlin on July 1st, 2017. hirche/ krumbein productions

Paper Cuts: Quatre Semaines à Bruxelles Invited by the Goethe Institut Brussels and the artist and Grafixx festival director Ephameron, I lived and worked for four weeks in Brussels, which turned out to be very inspirational for exploring a new artistic realm: the paper cut.
It was on display during the Grafixx Festival in Antwerp at the end of November 2017. Ephameron Goethe Institut Brussels

Silkscreens These are two silkscreens: left, a poster for an exhibition during Ratata Festival in Macerata, Italy and right, "Workers Of the 21st Century".

Poster Jazzband: FIELD For Berlin jazzband FIELD I designed the poster and their new album "Heal The Rich". FIELD Label: WhyPlayJazz

Mayflies and Pixinguihna Two offset-posters: "Mayflies – Young German Illustrators" Exhibition in Berlin at the AGI Congress in 2005 and "Pixinguinha", a poster for the AGI congress in Sao Paulo, 2014.

A German village